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Writer's Block: A show for all seasons

Which returning TV show are you most excited to see again? Which shows from last season are you going to miss? Are there any new shows that look promising?

I'm excited to watch the second season of The Vampire Diaries. The first season was epic; I loved every episode of it. So I hope Season 2 will be as much exciting, romantic, funny and dramatic as Season 1 was. Actually, I'll watch the first episode of Season 2 tomorrow and I can't wait to see what happens.
I also look forward to watch the new seasons of Gossip Girl and One Tree Hill, which are going to start next week. Even though both TV shows disappointed me last season, I'll give them another chance. I watch One Tree Hill for so long now... I couldn't live without that show anymore, which I had so much fun with. One Tree Hill is the only show that made me cry so often. Sometimes there were several episodes in a row that made me cry. And after all, at the end of Season 7 the storylines got better, so that's left hope for Season 8.
As for Gossip Girl, I fell in love with this show when I watched Season 1. Unfortunately, both Season 2 and Season 3 couldn't keep up with the first season. The show got worse, but there were still episodes I really enjoyed watching and I  hope that Season 4 will bring back some of the old Gossip Girl style.
And I think I'll watch the second season of Life Unexpected. To be honest, I haven't finished watching Season 1 yet, but I'll definitely do that.
I'm also looking forward to the new season of Skins, which starts next year. Yay!

I won't miss any shows from last season, because there weren't any shows that I liked that got cancelled. And I also don't think that I'll watch any new shows. There wasn't any new show that caught my attention, so I'll stay with the shows I used to watch.


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